Sale Gateway NE56R50u Laptop (Black)

Sale gateway NE56R50u laptop – The computer is well made, and I bought it mainly because I have owned two other Gateway computers ( one laptop, one desktop ) . I still do not really know how I feel now that I ‘ve seen ” Acer Computer ” label below. It has a LED – backlit display, and the display is wonderful. If I’m not mistaken , I think it is HD. When I compare the features listed on Amazon compared to other similar models , the graphics card is not listed as something special, but I found it to be both comparable Dell models.

Sale Gateway NE56R50u Laptop (Black)

Sale Gateway NE56R50u Laptop (Black)

On the downside , it runs on Windows 8 , which I like. My last laptop comes with Windows ” Vista ” ( which sucks ), so I upgraded to Windows 7. Perhaps in time , I will get used to the new OS , but I suspect

t . It works great , I just do not like it .

If you are looking to buy this computer , I do not think you can go wrong. It is fast, has a beautiful sound, a stunning display and an embedded numeric keypad (which I unfortunately do not have it today , because of a job change ) . This is a great buy.

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