Sale Lenovo G500 Laptop (Black)

Sale lenovo G500 laptop (black) – I have had this laptop for a few months now, and I like it. The machine is reliable and had no problems.

My questions surround the trackpad sore, one of its structured and long-term use my fingers. The TouchPad also RightUp butt on the keys and on many occasions I have met with one and not the other. In addition, the multi-support, so you can zoom in and drag the page easily with multiple fingers.

Sale Lenovo G500 Laptop (Black)

Sale Lenovo G500 Laptop (Black)

The keys are a good and attractive and pretty traveling so you know you have something. The sound is very nice for a laptop. Do not expect the bass in a laptop, but it’s certainly clearer than any other laptop I’ve owned.

I would definitely go again, Lenovo, and want to look at this laptop for a second purchase.

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